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  1. Special decoration in the restaurant


    Celebrate a special occasion with a special decoration in our restaurant.

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  2. Romantic decoration in the room


    Celebrate a special occasion with a special decoration in your room.

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  3. Birthday Party in our MINI CLUB


    This is the best way to celebrate the birthday of your little ones. A party in our Mini Club, accompanied by all the other children and our mascot Roni will say “hello” as well.

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  4. Love Sensations


    Surprise your partner with and unforgettable candle light dinner for two with in an unique location of our hotel and a very “special” ending…

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  5. Baby Moon


    Enjoy an exclusive and romantic day for two before becoming parents and being immersed in the world of children.

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  6. Sensual Play


    Enjoy an evening of caresses with your partner with this sexy package.

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  7. Romantic Breakfast for two


    Start your day in the best way possible: a deluxe breakfast for two served in your room. It's the perfect way to surprise your partner and enjoy together from the morning.

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  8. Snacking menu for two


    A delicious way to enjoy the sunset, in the privacy of your room or in an exclusive place of the hotel with a "pica pica" prepared especially for you and served with the best champagne.

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  9. Romantic Dinner for two


    Enjoy a special dinner for two with candlelight in a unique location of our hotel and with a special decoration, we will create a unique and unforgettable experience.

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  10. Special Cake


    The best way to surprise on a special occasion, celebrating with us ordering a cake on your choice.

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  11. Roni cake


    Surprise (not only) your kids with our delicious RONI cake!

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